Who we are

At Sol Del Seco, our goal is to spread smiles and bring light to people's lives. We do this by spreading our "thank you for being you" phrase and encouraging our customers to pursue their unique passions.

Our Customers

One of our favorite things at Sol Del Seco is seeing the diverse range of passions that our customers pursue. Whether you are an athlete, a creative or anything in between; keep on being you and pursue it to the fullest.

Dusk Music Festival

Our team was recently at Dusk Music Festival. We had so much fun and we released some new collections.

UofA Bookstore Pop-Up

We stopped by the University of Arizona Bookstore in October for Greek Week. We sold out of our “I’d rather be in Tucson” tees and are so thankful for all of the support we received.

Sol Set 1

A look back at our rooftop party in the spring of 2023